London Marathon Training – Week #1

  • Runs: 4
  • Distance: 23.18km
  • Time: 2:26

Whilst 2020 was a terrible year for some, I have it down as one of my best! The birth of my first child and being home to watch her grow up have been really special.

At the beginning of 2020 I read “Can’t hurt me” by David Goggins and was inspired to start running. Having spent most of 2019 sedentary and gaining weight I wasn’t overly optimistic that the change would stick, but oh was I wrong. Goggins talks about developing mental toughness that lasts when the willpower fades and that had been a massive focus for me in 2020.

The freedom that running afforded me when the rest of the country was locked up in their houses/gardens made 2020 a breeze, Getting out into the wilderness and doing long trail runs on new routes weekly has awoken a sense of adventure in me.

Unfortunately, like most novice runners I got over-excited and increased my mileage too quickly without doing adequate strength and mobility work to support the new stresses on my body, leading to 2 fairly lengthy layoffs!

But 2021 is here and I’m ready to do it properly this time! I’m starting to train for the London Marathon now and fortunately I’ve been accepted to run for the Rainbow Trust children charity.

I will be starting by completing a half marathon training plan followed a few weeks later by a 16-week marathon plan.

This weeks runs

It was great to be back doing a structured plan, and although the weather tried it’s best to stop me I got out and got it done. A particular highlight was the hill repeat day, attempting to maintain the intensity on on the inclines was tough but rewarding when hitting the top!

Looking forward to the next week!

I have been fortunate enough to have been granted entry to the London Marathon in 2021 and will be running to support the Rainbow Trust Charity. They supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life-threatening or terminal illness. In these challenging times I can't think of a more worthy cause!

I'm hoping to raise enough sponsorship to support a family for entire year so any thing you can spare would be hugely appreciated. You can sponser me here.

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