London Marathon Training – Week #2

  • Runs: 4
  • Distance: 25.43km
  • Time: 2:44

With only a small increase in mileage on the plan for the week I was ready for a fairly easy ride coming into week 2, however, this was not to be the case.

Even from the start of the week, my energy levels were low and by the end of the hilly tempo run in the rain on Thursday I was feeling exhausted. Having recently moved to a plant-based diet in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint (also since having Ellie the idea of eating animals turns my stomach a bit), I have been focusing on making sure I consume enough protein using lentils, legumes, and the like but i realised had not been replenishing my all-important glycogen stores with carbohydrates.

Starting Friday I started to include organic rolled oats into my morning green smoothie. I also began upping the carb intake in my lunches and main meals. Saturday night we had a stunning Sweet potato, dahl spinach gratin with naan bread from the Dirty Vegan recipe book which seems to have done the trick as during the long run on Sunday I felt as fresh as a daisy.

Admittedly it doesn’t look great but it tasted delicious.

This weeks runs

Even when you’re trying to do the right thing and eat healthily it’s always best to listen to your body and adjust accordingly, you can’t out-train bad nutrition.

Next week is a ‘rest’ week so will dial it back a bit to let the body adjust to the new training load.

I have been fortunate enough to have been granted entry to the London Marathon in 2021 and will be running to support the Rainbow Trust Charity. They supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life-threatening or terminal illness. In these challenging times I can't think of a more worthy cause!

I'm hoping to raise enough sponsorship to support a family for entire year so any thing you can spare would be hugely appreciated. You can sponser me here.

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