London Marathon Training – Week #3

  • Runs: 4
  • Distance: 21.15km
  • Time: 5:45

This week was a ‘rest’ week which meant stepping back the mileage and allowing my body to adapt to the previously training weeks.

This weeks runs

Not much to report here except that during Sunday’s long run it unexpectedly started to snow, which definitely brought the child out and in me!

I think sometimes it’s easy to look at the weather forecast and have a preconception about how a run will feel, when in reality if you just get out and there wind rain or shine (or snow) you might just surprise yourself and have a great old time!

I have been fortunate enough to have been granted entry to the London Marathon in 2021 and will be running to support the Rainbow Trust Charity. They supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life-threatening or terminal illness. In these challenging times I can't think of a more worthy cause!

I'm hoping to raise enough sponsorship to support a family for entire year so any thing you can spare would be hugely appreciated. You can sponser me here.

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